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What is a Shortcut?

The Shortcut can significantly reduce the length of a web link, making it easier to memorize and share. For example, the link https://wikidurable.org/sujets/produits-menagers/lessive-machine will be reduced to https://run.as/4n7v2f! To make it even easier, we suggest you to choose this Shortcut or decrease its number of signs, via the Premium Named Shortcut, such as https://run.as/papa or https://run.as/o! Public Shortcut is by nature accessible to everyone, it is dangerous to set confidential links, see our Disclaimer. So, we have responded to this problem by creating the Private Shortcut which you are the only one to see the content.


Why should I have one?

Today everything is done on the Internet. Having a personalized and re-usable Shortcut (no need to re-print again everything) provides quick access to information that you use regularly. Instead of giving your phone number, give your Shortcut to redirect to your facebook® page, your Twitter account, your blog, your site, etc. You are free to link, within the limits of respect of our Terms of use. Here are some examples: https://run.as/MyFirstname, https://run.as/MyLastname, https://run.as/MyTrademark, https://run.as/MyCompany, etc.


Where should I use it?

Wherever you want! On a poster, letterhead, business card, web page, email, book, magazine, etc. You can even use the Qrcodes/Flashcodes provided with the Shortcut as you like! It's hard to make it simpler.


Who can use it?

Anyone who wants, whether the Shortcuts are free or Premium.


Does it cost something?

Regarding the free Shortcut (6 random characters), by definition, no. The Premium one (less than 6 signs or choice of name depending on availability) is paying. The Premium Shortcut must be renewed every year, otherwise it is deactivated and made available for purchase.


About the services?

You can create a user account. This account will allow you to group your Shortcuts (Free and Premium); to purchase credits in order to create Premium Shortcuts; modify the links to your Shortcuts according to your needs and other services that we let you discover in the dashboard. To improve security, you can add the domain name and/or the extension (set automatically when creating the Shortcut) of the original link, eg https://run.as/marredesradars.fr/3mg3b9.pdf, this may reassure the user, knowing that he/she needs only to type the Shortcut name (3mg3b9), look at the Shortcut https://run.as/en/preview/3mg3b9 that shows you all the possibilities.



Each created Shortcut comes with a Qrcode/Flashcode (barcode 2D). Free Shortcuts contains run.as logo but NOT the Premium ones. This Qrcode is royalty free and you can use it on all your media.

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